Creba urges DILG for Ease of Doing Business Law implementation

Recent consultations with the country’s biggest real estate stakeholders put to fore major operational concerns that hound developers and property owners all over the country — that of conflicts and overlaps between the implementation of housing-related national and local laws, the Chamber of Real Estate & Builders’ Associations Inc. (Creba) said in a statement.

It added that these concerns were raised to the attention of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), as some LGUs have passed local ordinances requiring the installation of fire sprinkler systems in high-rise buildings in accordance with the Fire Code.


“But the retroactive application of new rules to pre-existing buildings which have already been granted all the necessary permits at the time of development is impractical and poses great disadvantage to unit owners who will bear the full costs of the new installation made even costlier and inconvenient due to required retro-fitting works,” it said.

It added that developers have also encountered great hurdles complying with DPWH’s requirements for earthquake recording instrumentation for buildings, which again, is being imposed retroactively to existing buildings, and with few LGU-accredited suppliers when there are far better and more economical choices available in the market.

“With DILG leading the way for the various local government units handling various permits and licensing applications, we hope for the full and strict implementation of the good governance and business-friendly objectives of the Ease of Doing Business Law,” Creba concluded.

This article was originally published by Manila Times.


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