Real estate shifts to digital technology

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Conventional sectors such as the real estate shift their focus to technology as change becomes inevitable amid the pandemic. The digitization of the real estate industry is now within our reach.

The real estate market rapidly adapts to modern technology and fewer customers now physically roam around buildings and attend open houses. Property developers and agents bring them closer to the projects online. Thanks to social media and video calls, potential buyers may now inspect properties without physically visiting them.

In fact, real estate agencies began providing virtual property tours, 3D walkthroughs and virtual room sessions as they transitioned to online selling, according to AgentTrend.

Social Media

Real estate also taps social media as majority of businesses now rely on them for their internet presence. By harnessing the power of social media and technology, customers see a plethora of real estate business profiles on every social media platform.

Businesses may now contact prospective buyers even in the most distant regions of the world and this is made possible through social media.

When launching an advertising campaign, marketers may even employ social media messaging tools. Not only are you assured of reaching the desired audience, but you can also customize the message for increased engagement and success.

Digital marketers are encouraged to explore social media marketing for real estate enterprises. Whatever the aim, the influence of social media includes, but is not restricted to, more prospects, tailored audiences, more excellent rates, and, finally, revenue growth.

Real estate apps

Real estate apps is now available to agents in performing their tasks with ease.

Some real estate app is easier to use than others. Others are a little complicated. This is because there are so many options for agents to pick from. On the other hand, some can be both since they are dedicated to assisting you in getting your time back.

An example is the SecondYou Go. This real estate virtual assistant mobile app functions as your pocket-sized virtual assistant. It can do various activities. It covers six distinct real-estate categories and provides over 26 different tasks to choose from. You may assign tasks to the app’s team of professionals. Delegate everything from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to video editing to organizing real-estate documents. Use it wherever you are and whenever you need it. Hence, it’s like having an assistant in your pocket!

Business amid pandemic

The pandemic’s implications on the real estate industry are inevitable. For this year and the next couple of years, the initial point of contact for new clients will be online. Real estate agents and investors are now applying strategies to boost their online presence. Updating social media accounts, using real estate apps, and churning out material will ideally help them communicate with their target audience more successfully.



Real estate is no longer just Location, Location, Location. 
Now, it’s about Location, Information…and Timing! 

- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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