Swiss company supports ‘smart cities’ in PH 

European firm ABB will be intensifying its offer of ‘smart solutions’ to buildings and other property developments as well as the installation of “smart cities” in the Philippines, according to a report by Manila Bulletin.

“ABB’s smart building solutions are perfect for homes, hotels, offices, industrial buildings and healthcare facilities. Not only can it power smart buildings, but smart cities as well,” the company said.

In essence, the Switzerland-headquartered firm noted that by integrating solutions into buildings or real estate developments, the occupants in that building will not only be assured of comfort and safety, but they can also generate savings on their energy usage.

Typically, ABB emphasized that these buildings are equipped with “movement detectors, harmonious lighting, door communication, automated heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and shutter management.”

To further apprise relevant stakeholders on these smart solutions for buildings as well as for smart cities, the company will be showcasing the technologies in the ABB Digital Summit slated on July 26-29 this year.

With smart solutions in property developments, the European firm asserted that “you never have to worry about having left the lights or air-conditioning on because they will automatically shut off when you leave your room.”

Further, ABB indicated that consumers “don’t have to think about wasting electricity because everything is automated to save on energy.”

On its offer of solutions to smart buildings, the company said their technology emphasizes simplicity, with ABB Philippines Country Managing Director Olivier Coquerel stressing that “digital technologies need to be simple. It needs to be accessible to people and it needs to be seamless so your daughter or your mother would be able to benefit from it, without being an engineer or scientist.”

He added that ABB “has the technology to balance the power of a smart city, that will, in turn contribute to the comfort of its citizens and lessen noise and pollution.”

Fundamentally, Coquerel highlighted that the frame of ‘smart city’ development “does not consume much electricity, less infrastructure and more space for green zones like parks.”

Under the Philippine Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act or Republic Act 11285, the integration of smart solutions in building designs and developments is highly encouraged, so this could help pare the country’s energy consumption and will also reduce carbon emissions – and on the part of the consumers, it could redound to savings and quality of life.

ABB stated its smart building solutions “are rooted in environmental responsibility and sustainability,” adding that these in turn, “improves living conditions and makes greater energy efficiency possible.”

The company qualified that since every building and customer-needs are different, “ABB provides flexibility in the design and implementation of its building solutions.”


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