Bay City Manila Emerges as Powerhouse Entertainment District with Expanding Casinos

Bay City Manila has solidified its reputation as the premier entertainment district in the Philippines, with the development of new integrated casinos and ongoing expansions. The latest addition to the bustling district is the Westside City integrated casino, spearheaded by Suntrust Resort Holdings Inc. The company has recently sought a substantial loan of P25 billion from China Banking Corp. to support the completion of the ambitious gaming project, which is set to open in 2024. This move highlights the continuous growth and investment in Bay City Manila, cementing its position as the go-to destination for world-class entertainment and gaming experiences.

Westside City aims to become the fourth major gaming complex in Entertainment City, joining the ranks of Solaire Resort & Casino, City of Dreams Manila, and Okada Manila. The development is expected to further elevate the entertainment landscape of Bay City Manila, attracting both local and international visitors. With its strategic location and commitment to providing top-notch gaming facilities,  Westside City is poised to contribute significantly to the region's economic growth and solidify Bay City Manila's status as a powerhouse entertainment district.

LET Group Holdings, the holding company of Suntrust Resort Holdings Inc, has expressed its dedication to long-term investment in the Philippines through the Westside City casino project. The sustained commitment from local and international investors highlights the immense potential and opportunities that Bay City Manila offers.

As the booming gaming and entertainment industry drives more tourists into the vibrant locale, the hospitality sector is expected to likewise expand. Anchor Land, a full-line real estate developer that continuously brings world-class properties to the Manila Bay area, caters to the increasing demand for alternative accommodation through its latest premium residential development, Copeton Baysuites.

Copeton Baysuites at Belle Ave corner Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard is your newest home in Bay City. Featuring two 16-story buildings, the North and South Towers both offer premium comfort and convenience.  / Photo Courtesy of Anchorland

Classified as an Rentvestment property, Copeton Baysuites is fully set up for rental business. It features resort-like amenities and fully-furnished units equipped with smart technology to optimize the overall experience of guests booking into this hotel alternative. Its strategic location beside City of Dreams Manila captures a rental market in search of a quiet retreat yet accessible to the casinos within the vicinity. With several other commercial establishments and even corporate firms stationed within the district, it is also primed to address the lodging needs of a growing pool of potential tenants.

The residences at Copeton Baysuites are fully furnished and equipped with smart property technology to cater to all your modern conveniences at home. Choose from units in the North and South Tower’s fifth to sixteenth floors / Photo Courtesy of Anchorland

Owners putting up their Copeton Baysuites units for rent are provided with expert end-to-end property and asset management services. Once up and running, the three-tower condominium will bring an urban living experience that complements the vibrancy of Manila Bay area. 

The ongoing expansions and new developments in the entertainment district not only attract tourists but also create employment opportunities and boost the local economy. As more integrated casinos and entertainment establishments emerge, Bay City Manila solidifies its position as a dynamic and thriving business district in the region.

With more workers flocking to the area, the need for practical yet elevated accommodations also arises. With the robust demand for coliving facilities, Anchor Land’s Cosmo Suites is primed to offer workers on the go an ideal halfway residence suitable for their busy lifestyles. 

Fully furnished, smart-tech equipped and complemented with condo-inspired amenities, investors setting up their Cosmo Suites units for lease will find a sustainable rentable business and a seamless property ownership experience.

As the completion of the Westside City project draws nearer, the region's reputation as a premier destination for gaming and entertainment is further strengthened. With continuous investments and expansions, Bay City Manila remains at the forefront of the Philippines' entertainment landscape, attracting visitors from around the world and contributing to the nation's economic prosperity.

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