How To Be A Successful Part Time Agent In Real Estate?

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So paano nga ba maging successful ang isang part time real estate agent? 

First is, change your mindset. Part time is not some time. 4 hours of commitment is better than 8 hours of mediocrity. No more tambay moments. No more Netflix.  You should not only market real estate pag may time. Make time dapat. If you say you will spend 4 hours, you should make it count. Wala ka na nang enough time, hindi mo pa mina maximize. 

Next is utilize social media. All your buyers are online. The most successful businessmen are not always online but there’s a big chance that their partners or children are online. Meron ka na bang Facebook account? How about a YouTube account or Instagram? Have you thought of expanding your reach through a website? Social media is very powerful because it allows you to utilize the 1 to many approach. Compared to traditional marketing na 1 prospect at a time, in social media, pwede 1000, prospect at a time. In fact, your social media will work for you even if you are sleeping or you are in your full-time job.  

Here's another secret. Cultivate your leads. Remember, not all people who will inquire are ready to buy now. Most buyers shop first before deciding. They need to time to decide. And why not, it can be the most expensive decision they can make in their life. So, you have to remember them. You need to come up with a list either thru a CRM or even simple notes lang, identifying people you need to follow up.  Remember, most sales are closed because of follow up. 

Then choose 3-4 projects and be good at it. Your client doesn’t care if you work part time or 20 hours a day. If you provide the right information and render excellent service, that’s all they need. You don’t need to be an expert in all of them- you don’t have the time. . Ideally these are the projects that you like so it’s easier to retain the information and you can be passionate about it when shared to your client. Eventually you can know more over time but do not be pressured in knowing everything at the same time.

Use can also chat bot to automate your responses. You can preprogram the frequently asked questions with your response. I have seen mixed results on this as you need to have a very engaging automated response to keep your prospects from being interested. What I do is a use this in the early part of the engagement in case I cannot respond fast but I always try to manage my responses. 

Another tip is you ask for referrals from your office mates. Since you have established a network in your full-time job, it would not hurt if you let them know that you are in real estate. If you are not comfortable asking them if they want to invest in a house or condo, just drop them a message that if they know someone that might be interested in real estate, they can reach out to you.

What I just want to tell you is that time is not the problem. Ultimately it is you who will decide if you want to be successful or not. You can use being part time as an excuse, or you can use it as a motivation. You can feel a sense of surrender or develop a sense of urgency. You can procrastinate or you can be proactive.
You can be successful if you just put your heart in what you do, regardless if you are a part time real estate agent or not.

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