Gabriel "Billy" Dominguez

Gabriel "Billy" Dominguez

Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez, more popularly called the Master Salespreneur, in the real estate circles, and most especially inside his Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc. It is the number one sales network of one of the country’s largest property developers. 

His signature formula is empowering the agents in his network through his trainings, and develop their mindsets to think as agents but act as entrepreneurs, thus turning them into successful “salespreneurs”.

His previous experience in making more money doing part-time real estate selling on weekends than his regular job made him decide to leave employment and make real estate selling his full-time “business”. At FIL-ESTATE, he rose from being a Sales Representative to being a Senior Vice-President for Sales because of his outstanding performance. He also established the Real Estate Academy for Sales Agents to create a big network of highly productive sellers. This network has greatly helped him get through the tough challenges of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

His power team grew and helped other smaller developers to market their projects. One of which is the Property developer ProFriends (Property Company of Friends). This was the beginning of their great partnership and grew together to be which made PROFRIENDS of the major developers in the country, and his Green Circle Realty, the Number One Seller for Profriends.
At GCR, Dominguez makes sure that his salespeople realize that they do more than just sell homes but are part of the company’s noble vision to help thousands of families dreaming of having their own home.

In salespreneurship, the first intention is to earn income then service follows because income with service means more income. If you have bigger income, you can now afford to own a house.

A salespreneur does not think like a sales agent who goes for quota. “A salespreneur goes for opportunities that even after hitting the quota would still strive for more. A mere sales agent stops when he hits the quota. Quota or no quota, a salespreneur continues to work. As long as there is the opportunity, he would pursue that,” he adds.

A salespreneur works with a group or a network. “The slogan of a salespreneur is ‘If you are not networking, you are not working’,” says Dominguez.

Grateful, Dominguez considers his monicker “Master Salespreneur” one of his biggest and most fulfilling achievements.The master salespreneur is also filled with gratitude. “Gratitude is the best attitude because if you are thankful, you will receive more blessings to become more successful. With that you can help others, who will themselves become successful. I have to live up to that by helping people become successful or my title becomes a misnomer. So, every day is now a challenge,” he adds.


Real estate is no longer just Location, Location, Location. 
Now, it’s about Location, Information…and Timing! 

- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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