Joliber Mapiles

An ultra-aggressive real estate and internet entrepreneur, Joliber Mapiles is an epitome of the “just never ever give up” mindset.

Started selling ice candy at the age of 7, Joliber came from a poor family from Candaba, Pampanga. With nothing in life except his faith, his dream and his willingness to succeed, Joliber started to thrive his way up by being a topnotch student in the academe. Graduated as salutatorian both in Elementary and High School, he also finished Electronics and Communications Engineering in Mapua as Dean’s Awardee.

Joliber served as a software engineer in Accenture for almost 3.5 years. As an employee, Joliber was a highly reliable software engineer as he handled programming intensive projects that were used internally by his company.

However, Joliber believed that there was more beyond the corporate job so in 2009, he decided to say goodbye in the corporate world.

Excited and vibrant, Joliber launched his online classified ads in 2009, restructuring the content of his previous blog, Positioned to challenge the big players in his chosen niche, Joliber suddenly backed down when he received an email from Google Adsense, the website’s main business model, that his website violated terms and conditions, thus cutting his partnership with the main revenue model. That moment in August 2011 brought so much frustrations to Joliber and his wife April Kriz Mapiles.

Few months after that devastating moment, Joliber was introduced by a 19-year-old lady to real estate business. From there, Joliber along with April, explored the business opportunities in the realty world, not only as a Broker, but even as a Developer.

However, as they started to gain success in the business, suddenly their momentum was halted because the projects they sold had a problem in documentation. Sales backouts, fury clients, they all faced these things in their first 2 years in real estate.

In October 8, 2014, Mapiles Realty was born. And after five years, with so many ups and downs, Joliber with the support of his wife, he was able to hurdle all the challenges along his way.

And to pay back, he launched Joliber Mapiles Academy on February 1, 2019, his 34th birthday. His advocacy “Sugpuin ang Kahirapan” (Fight Poverty) envisions to mentor at least one million people to earn at least 100,000 pesos which is equivalent to 100 billion pesos monthly.

“ Dreams are often Most Profound when they seem to be the Most Crazy”- Sigmund Freud ”


Real estate is no longer just Location, Location, Location. 
Now, it’s about Location, Information…and Timing! 

- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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