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This pandemic has made us value all the people we love or even the people we have few interactions with. People nowadays tend to be more creative when communicating as there are platforms that can be used to connect with the people we miss. This circumstance that we have has changed a lot of the usuals, but we can still make our time productive.

Have you ever imagined yourself liking what you seem you will not do in the future, but turns out to be enjoyable? People are now focusing on themselves and even share their transformation on social media during this quarantine period. Aside from discovering that you are a plantita or plantito with a lot of plant babies that vary from small to large, people also try to redesign your place. We also notice that we can explore things, not in the list of our preferences, and discovered new capabilities that we did not see ourselves doing. With that, we just gained new potential and that is great! It made us productive and busy even more because we are not used to being stuck at home. 

Home - a place where you can be yourself and means beyond concrete definition. You can dance freely, sing crazily, and a place of relaxation. Your four walls and a roof on your head are more than your investment. It is the feeling you are longing for when you are miles away. Also, to sit on your couch or that magnetic bed alluring you to lay down and forget the rest of the world, more so your deadlines and work stuff. You may be in a lot of places, but I guarantee you that there is no place like home. Your home’s warmth, comfort, and security are what you are longing for that are why at the end of the day “I want to go home” is the words left to say. Indeed, the home gives a sense of emotional comfort. 

Not just clean but “Monica” clean. Some people also got into cleaning their houses because it is the only place they can roam around since there are lots of limitations and restrictions outside. People who are stuck at home become like Monica from the famous sitcom, Friends, now that they have the time to declutter, organize, donate, and get rid of the unnecessary things they do not need anymore. The only place you can travel and wander in your house. #TravelGoals! Plus, the only thing you can surf right now is the internet. #SurfingTheInternet. Limited distance and the square meter will not restrict us from finding things to do. Fun and relaxation are all we need.

With that, are you looking for a place where you can call home? Or have you tried searching for a condo for rent? Ready for occupancy condo? A place where you can relax? Feel safe? A place you can call YOURS? Or just planning to find a condominium? 

Alright, now that you have settled a condominium, have you considered the thought about paper works? The documents? The whole process itself? The leasing services? It such a bummer to deal with all that alone. Can you imagine the stress it gives? It is beyond unimaginable.

Good thing Vista Residences offer hassle-free leasing services! Let go and let Vista Residences manage your unit easily, simply, and hassle-free. There is no need to worry about renting your condominium unit and its maintenance as Vista Residences has a team who will take care of your unit.

Enjoy your condo living by finding the suitable location in your comfort where your condominium is strategically placed and has easy access among going and coming to work, school, shop, and nearest hospitals. 

Condo in Manila, Makati, Ortigas, and Condo in Mandaluyong will let you experience the convenience in commercial places. Condo living has been beneficial for owners because they can enjoy the city life and waking up looking at the magnificent views from above as if everything is tiny. 

Before we get caught up in a moment here are the 3 tips in finding your condo:

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Harmonious condo living suits well with your balanced financing and home type as it matches you as the owner of the unit. You have the final call on how you will manage and design your unit. The price varies from location, square feet, and exclusive amenities. 

2. Research

Light research is important for you to decide your preferred home in the city. Look for a property developer that can give you the right comfort thru a spacious unit and resort-like amenities where you can relax and take a break from the busy life.

3. Work with Vista Residences

If you are still struggling to find your condo, Vista Residences will assist you in looking for ready for occupancy condo, condo for rent,move-in, and move-out assistance. 

Vista Residences will provide a team managing for your unit. Let their knowledgeable agents accompany you with all the papers, documentation, maintenance, and what is good or not for your lifestyle needs. Work with Vista Residences to find the perfect property of move-in ready condo or ready for occupancy condo for your convenience at work or university. 

If you are a first-time investor, or you are planning to get a perfect home to pursue your dream careers, here are some advantages of condo living in Vista Residences to help you decide:

1. Urban Life

Experience and adapt to the hustle and bustle of the big city you are in. Feel the daily routine outside the cities of condos in Manila, Makati, Ortigas, and Mandaluyong because they have the busiest and productive working hours. 

Condos in Manila, Makati, Ortigas, and Mandaluyong have the available condo for rent and ready for occupancy condo where they are located near business districts and access for transportation services. 

2. Enjoy Free Amenities

Other than the proximity distance from commercial, academic, and business places, it is time for you to relax with its superior leisure amenities such as swimming pools, gym, function room, study hall, and other exclusive amenities for your self-care time. You do not have to install them; you just have to access their services. Give yourself a break and enjoy the accommodation with free amenities, after dealing with the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Maintenance

If your work demands a lot of time working outside or internationally, you do not have to worry about the day-to-day maintenance of the exterior or within your unit because it is handled by the management or the HOA. Worry-free condo living provided Vista Residences’ service: ASM (Asset Management Services) for utility maintenance and monitoring. If you are planning for long-term condo living, Leasing Services Only (LSO) allows tenants to rent a ready for occupancy condo. 

4. Security and Surveillance

24-hour security and surveillance for your safety are provided with what you have signed up for. Your condominium has a doorman floor to floor including the amenities to increase its security, especially in odd hours. 

Indeed, Vista Residences offers a convenient condo living as everything in convenience is within reach. It offers ready for occupancy and pre selling condominiums around the key cities in the country, with complete and relaxing amenities which you can freely utilize.

For Hassle-free Leasing Services in Vista Residences, email, follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.


Real estate is no longer just Location, Location, Location. 
Now, it’s about Location, Information…and Timing! 

- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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