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Hello real estate George here a unt manager from Filipino Homes and a PRC accredited and DHSUD registered salesperson, at ngayon let’s discuss kung paano ngaba magbenta ng isang property na hindi pa makikita ng buyer mo. Yes, I’m talking about a preselling project. 

So bibigyan ko kayo ng 7 tips to make a successful sale on a project that has not even begin construction.

1 Establish credibility.  Since wala ka pang development na mapapakita, you will be banking on the clients trust. Eh paano ba si client magtitiwala sayo especially if first time nyo lang mag meet? First of all, you have to be accredited by PRC to be legally allowed to market properties. If from a developer ang property na minamarket mo ay kailangan mo mag register sa DHSUD kasi sila ang nag regulate sa mga developer. 
At kapag nag search sila sa pangalan mo online, ano ang lalabas na info? Smart na ang mga buyers ngayon at they also do their own background check sa iyo. At si developer, alam mo ba ang background nila? Saan ba ang office nila at ano ang contact number? Meron naba silang previous projects na na deliver na?  These are the information that should be part of your talking points to your client.

2 Check the actual site first. Wala ng mas malala pa sa situation na nag site tour kayo pero hindi mo alam ang actual location nito. Mas maganda rin na naka punta kana sa site a few hours before the actual site tour not only to know the location but to also to do minor cosmetic enhancements like removing barriers or garbage that might create a negative impression to your client. Wala ka na nang mapapakita na bahay, basura pa ang sasalubong sa iyo.

3 Be realistic. Talk about timelines. Kailan ba uumpisahan ang construction at kailan matatapos. Magakano ang downpayment at magkano ang estimate na babayaran if mag bank loan. 

Be ready to answer questions like maingay ba sa area, or is it flood prone, how is safety, water connection, internet stability and power outage. Bawal mag sinungaling. This is not to discourage your client but to be transparent and set the expectation and more importantly, so they can prepare and offset these possible limitations. 

4 Sell the location. Heto, location, location, location. Ang laking bagay sa client mo ang location to the point that that they are willing to compromise minor turn offs I mentioned previously. So, you need to probe and ask your client these questions para malaman mo kung ano ang criteria nila to make a decision. 
Remember, the information you provide should align with their selection criteria. 

5 Sell the idea. Since wala ka pang mapapakita na bahay, importante na ma visualize ni client ang project. This is the part na you are not yet selling the house but the idea of a house. At isa sa pinakamahirap na decision ni buyer ang magbayad sa property na hindi pa nila makikita. So, information on the layout is key. You have to be thorough and visual in your explanation to your client.

6 Highlight the advantages of a preselling project. Since hindi pa nauumpisahan ang construction, pwede mong iinvolve ang client mo sa design process. Pwde silang mag request ng modification sa design base sa gusto nila. What you need to do is engage with the architect of the developer for these modifications. Of course, subject for approval at if major ang changes, baka may additional charge ito. But that is better than having to make some changes after construction is complete. 

7 Highlight the payment terms. Compared sa ready for occupancy house na you have to pay spot cash or at least 50% na downpayment, sa preselling project ay you can pay downpayment na usually 20% lang at spread into 24 months or 36 months, depende sa construction period. This will give you time to save up and manage your finances. This can be very appealing to clients that don’t have big savings kasi walang spot payment na kailangan. Spread out yung downpayment at yung balance ay bank loan na o thru pag ibig depende sa total amount.
In the end, si client pa rin ang mag dedecide if they will buy the property or not, there are risks of course in buying a preselling project like paano if hindi ma deliver, or ang na deliver na property ay hindi nag match sa layout nila kaya importante na if from a developer ay dapat may license to sell at may good reputation si developer sa pag deliver na unit mo. 

Check mo din ang contract to sell kasi nakasaad doon ang agreement between the buyer and the seller na dapat ma sunod, including ang deliverables ng developer, bago pa kau mag gawa nang deed of sale. 

So there you have it and I hope you learned something new. Once again, this is George Ryan Sarmago, thank you for watching.

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