A call for an All-Inclusive Practitioners’ Organization

After more than a decade of struggling to have an ACCREDITED and INTEGRATED PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION (AIPO), which is the national integrated organization of Natural Persons duly registered and licensed as real estate service practitioners, it seems that we are getting closer to having a real, official and permanent one within the year.

This is something that the industry really needs, and in my personal opinion, when the term Real Estate Service Practitioners is referred to, it includes, as officially enumerated in the RESA IRR, the (1) Real estate Consultants, (2) Real Estate Appraisers, (3) Real Estate Assessor, (4) Real estate Brokers, and (5) Real Estate Salespersons. All of them are required to secure their respective licenses and accreditation with PRC and DSHUD. It is for this reason also that I believe that the Real Estate Salespersons should actually be included in the AIPO and be properly represented in their Board of Directors and Officers.

We have waited for more than 12 years already, so I think a few more months, maybe at least four, to give enough time for those who wish to honestly serve this august body without any pecuniary interest to be derived from the position, to campaign to be elected.

I will fully support the initiatives to finally have the AIPO in place as long as it is fair, objective, honest and will be an All-Inclusive Practitioners’ Organization.


Real estate is no longer just Location, Location, Location. 
Now, it’s about Location, Information…and Timing! 

- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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