Golden Haven Memorial Parks brings the World Closer to the Filipino

Almost 40 years in the industry, Golden Haven boasts of more than 30 locations nationwide and is continuously growing year by year. The company’s developments are renowned as the most beautiful parks in their respective regions and their sophisticated features are surely the talk of the town.

Golden Haven brings the world closer with its thematic parks all over the country as it redefines the concept of memorialization. Each park is truly a work of wonder, taking inspiration and recreating the most iconic places around the globe.

More than just a final resting place in the largest and most populous island in the Philippines.

Starting off with the first Golden Haven established in 1984, Golden Haven Las Piñas is rich with the traditions of the Spanish colonial period. There you can find the Pope John Paul II statue that overlooks the entire expanse. In the Central part of Luzon, witness the popular spot for tourists which is the ginormous gate of Bulacan that is inspired by the rich forests of the Amazon. You may also experience the different rich culture of Miami, Florida, America, and many more.

Building a legacy in the home of the major Philippine religious and cultural festivals.

Following the success in Luzon, Golden Haven Memorial Parks in Visayas also accentuate the already innate beauty of the area. In Cebu, the mountaintop sanctuary combines Chinese tradition with the Spanish-inspired structures. Iloilo on the other hand, features the Gardens of America. Soon, tourists will also observe the charm of these one-of-a-kind parks in Bacolod.

Scaling-up in the Land of Promise

Get on a land trip around the world in Golden Haven Memorial Parks in Mindanao. In the Northern part of the island, the majesty of the Italian peninsula and the picturesque landscaped gardens of California shift one’s focus of energy from action to contemplation. The Southern part also has breathtaking features that welcome guests with different enclaves of gardens such as Japanese Zen, California Missions, Gardens of America, Papal Garden, Tuscan Hills, Moroccan Tapestry, Victorian Secret, French Royale, Spanish Courtyard that add serenity and sanctity of the place.

The sophisticated properties offered by Golden Haven are the perfect investments for the wise Filipino’s portfolio. With over 20% value appreciation year-on-year, Golden Haven will remain as the most beautiful, as well as the most lucrative, themed memorial parks in the country today and for years to come.


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- Alejandro Manalac, Executive Publisher

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