Aboitiz InfraCapital to launch 4th economic estate in Tarlac 

Aboitiz InfraCapital (AIC) Economic Estates, the leading developer of smart and sustainable industrial estates in the Philippines and Asia, is set to unveil its latest venture in Tarlac. The forthcoming Economic Estate in Central Luzon represents the fourth addition to AIC's growing portfolio of meticulously planned, industrial-anchored estates, marking a notable stride in the region's economic evolution.

In recent years, Central Luzon has surged as a leading investment hub, prompting AIC to extend its footprint into this vibrant region. This strategic move is fueled by Central Luzon's exceptional accessibility, ample skilled workforce, and rapidly expanding economy.

Tarlac, in particular, stands out with its seamless inter-regional connectivity, facilitated by major expressways like the SCTEX, NLEX, TPLex, and CLLex. These arteries efficiently link Tarlac to major seaports and airports in both Central Luzon and Metro Manila, fostering a dynamic business environment. This connectivity, paired with a consistent labor supply to accommodate business growth, has propelled the region to become the third-largest contributor to the national GDP.

Tarlac has become a coveted investment destination amid the Philippine government's proactive efforts to attract foreign investment. These initiatives, spanning various fronts, include enhancing the ease of doing business and stimulating economic growth. Notably, substantial investments in infrastructure development, especially in transportation and digital infrastructure, are underway. Additionally, targeted industry-specific initiatives are bolstering sectors like manufacturing, tourism, and IT-BPO. Supported by investment promotion agencies such as PEZA and BOI, these measures underscore the government's commitment to fostering an investment-friendly environment and driving economic progress. Rafael Fernandez de Mesa, Head of AIC Economic Estates, emphasized, "Our expansion into Tarlac reflects our confidence in Central Luzon's potential as a premier investment destination and our support for the government's initiatives."

Amidst this promising backdrop, AIC's forthcoming Economic Estate in Tarlac will unveil 200 hectares of prime industrial lots in its initial phase, poised to attract both local and international investors, thereby fueling further economic expansion and employment opportunities. Embracing a holistic approach, the upcoming Economic Estate in Tarlac will leverage the collective expertise of Aboitiz Group affiliates. This collaborative endeavor will foster a conducive business environment, allowing companies to concentrate on their core operations. By integrating a wide range of services such as power, water, construction, housing, smart city technology, and government support, the estate will offer a seamless and efficient one-stop-shop experience for businesses.

While industrial development remains the focal point, AIC recognizes the value of creating a holistic ecosystem. By incorporating various asset classes such as retail, office spaces, residential areas, dormitories, warehouses, and hospitality venues strategically within its master plans, AIC is able to differentiate itself from conventional industrial parks in the country. This approach not only adds value but also enriches the overall experience for the entire community.

As the momentum builds for the estate's launch in May 2024, Aboitiz InfraCapital extends a warm invitation to stakeholders, investors, and the wider community to join them in introducing their distinctive brand of smart and sustainable industrial-anchored development to Central Luzon. Fernandez de Mesa expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We're eager to cultivate a community where world-class industrial facilities coexist harmoniously with a vibrant lifestyle hub, fostering growth for both businesses and the lives of those who make them thrive. We foresee that our investment will catalyze a ripple effect of progress, delivering benefits not only to the local community but also to the nation at large."


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