Alcoy's White Sand and Crushed Dolomite Transforms Real Estate Beach Living

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Welcome To Alcoy, Cebu, the town with the biggest dolomite mineral deposit of the Philippines!

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but this small town, is screaming with white sand beaches! 

Could it be that there are dolomite minerals underneath this beach? Hmm.

To those of you who have never been in Cebu or more specifically in Alcoy, Alcoy is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It is about 58 miles from Cebu City and has about 16,000- 20,000 people. 
Alcoy is mainly an agricultural town with rest of the communities relying on fishing and backyard farming. The country's largest dolomite quarry is mined in Pugalo and mining companies in the area have been operating for more than 20 years. 
In fact, it has become sort of a landmark that you will know you are already in Alcoy when you have arrived in these dolomite quarry site.
Of course, these crushed dolomites have already reached the shores of Manila Bay and it got the people of Manila so excited! 

But while most of the focus are on Manila Bay, I’m here in Alcoy, checking on the town that provided these crushed dolomites to them. And of course , 

I live in Cebu so it’s the closest town that I can possibly go right now.
Anyway, so let’s add more value to this video and explore the real estate side of this video.

Right from the get-go, living in a white sand beach front is the ultimate and natural stress reliever. If you have been living in the city and is used to the daily grind, the noise, the pressure, the pollution and endless traffic, I tell you, living in a white sand beach front makes that all go away.    

Unfortunately, you can’t stay permanently in a beach front property especially if your work is in the city, not unless if you found work near the area or you are off on your retirement or have a beach front property as your second home.

Fortunately, this opens a need, an opportunity, and that is having a beach front property as an investment- a rental investment.

This is an attractive investment because people right now get stressed a lot! So, should you then invest in a house or a condo by the beach?
Well that depends on your budget. Building a house is more expensive but you have the property all to yourself. As a rental investment, a beach side house is more attractive to families or big group stay and you can demand premium rental fee. 

Depending on the area, a good white sand beach property should cost you around 10-20 million pesos.

If you don’t have that capital on hand, you can then choose preselling condominiums. And condominium in a white sand beachfront is not so bad at all! These luxury condominium units should start in the 5 million range but its spread into 4-5 years so monthly equity is not that high.
While amenities are shared, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and security. Condominiums are also attractive to foreigners and individuals or couples wanting to unwind.  

So, while the rest of the country are talking about the white sand development in Manila Bay, be a doer and start investing in a white sand beach property.
So that when these people are done talking and starts to appreciate the beauty of a white sand beach, they will eventually look to rent a white sand beach property.

Then you start talking!

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